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From the Desk of the CEO : December 2021

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I wanted to share some facts with you about Premium Domain Names and how the pandemic helped shape a whole new world of Domain Names.

Just found the below points : 

  • For businesses in general and premium and lifestyle brands in particular, domain names always play a crucial role in the online identity and such notion has become even more evident and visible amid the ongoing crisis.
  • A growing number of luxury brands are leaning towards premium domains with the objective to define their authority and expertise in their industry and generate productive leads from search rankings.
  • Premium domain names are simple, crisp, and descriptive and provide an exact-match with brand operations. Due to their unique design, premium domain names represent one of the best methods to rank high in online search results, which becomes critical for business in the prevailing complex online search scenario.
  • Currently, there are more than 1.5 billion websites operational around the world, and over 70,000 search queries are raised every second, which makes it extremely difficult for brands and businesses to ensure their web sites rank high in online search. Premium domain names can resolve such problems related to online search rankings.

Because of this reason, exact-match domain names such as are priced as high as $850 million.

I am just saying that if even during the pandemic, the entire Industry slowed down, but the Domain Industry was the savior for small, medium and large businesses. We are of this opinion that sharing knowledge is caring. And we care for your business and the growth therein. 

Looking forward to assisting you in getting online, managing your online IP and protecting them. 7DS has a unique Domain Name Acquisition Business Practice, which we are proud of because We deliver!


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