Brand TLDs

Any brand's top-level domain (TLD) is exclusive, only the brand owner can secure second-level domains such as - or

In earlier days, only a couple of domains were sufficient for the protection of a brand. Nowadays, there are more than hundreds of TLD and country level domain name alternatives accessible. This availability of a wide variety of domain names confuses people when they run an Internet search and come across numerous websites, some of which can be fake!


Using a Brand TLD is crucial as it gives a plethora of opportunities for corporations to protect, market and control the security as well as policy connected with a TLD. When generic TLDs such as .ninja and .guru were authorized by ICANN, there was a lot of debate over the possible SEO advantages. One well-known and a much-publicized brand was, which is listed on the first page of US SERPs for the category - Coffee Club -in just a week after it was launched.


Experts push their brands to utilize their corporate title as their website's unique identifier. Brand-new TLD holders concentrate on creating highly compatible content on their domain channels to earn the right perceptibility. For instance, renowned multinational organizations like Netflix and Ford communicate effectively with their domain names ending with .netflix and .ford, .Tata, .Reliance .Amazon etc. respectively.


Some of the possible advantages of using a BRAND TLD includes:

      Corporations can generate smaller as well as simpler product / service names to memorize Web addresses. The removal of generic .com domains means uploading the crucial data first and including more prominent data in a smaller region.

      Increase in brand recognition among customers. With an abundance of competition in the market, a .BRAND TLD stands out from their opponents. 

      Enables customers to efficiently obtain data - concerning the organization's merchandise and services.

      Supports organizations to manage and broaden their network presence by building second-level domains for diverse services and products.

      High-tech protection against trademark violations.

      Unique opportunities for marketing strategically and campaigns for websites.


A TLD cannot be a .Brand TLD until and unless ICANN has allowed it, ensuring that all criteria are fulfilled. An organization can carry out the application process - .Brand TLD only after ICANN summons the Registry Operator to start the contracting procedure. The Registry Agreement with Registry Operators uses Specification 13 by amendment included in the Registry Agreement. ICANN encourages applicants to provide detailed information that supports their application. In total, there have been 664 Brand applications submitted to ICANN as of today. Using Brand TLDs is excellent news for labels that rely massively on customer support, for instance, the organizations functioning in the technology sectors and financial services. The path is long-drawn for .brand TLDs, but there is unquestionably a myriad of benefits for all brands and consumers.


7DigitalSolutions are known for covering everything you require to know about - .BRAND TLDs, examining their significance, history, boundaries, connections, and everything in between. Funding in a new TLD is a vital decision. It needs time to classify, monitor, and analyze the method through which organizations and associations are expanding their latest gTLDs.


A global pandemic brought zillion of changes in the marketing process of organizations as well as how consumers perceive Brands. More and more organizations were forced to launch their products and services online. Digitalization created a positive effect with plenty of brands, as there was a spike in their customer outreach. However, the pandemic also saw an increase in cases of trademark infringement. The creation of copycat websites is a particularly serious concern for multinational brands. Any obstructive or cynical activity on a fraudulent account of a brand can destroy the organization's reliability - despite the brand having no knowledge about it. To reduce the risk of potential domain network transgression and to maximize the efficacy of the brands owned, 7DigitalSolutions has built capabilities for assistance in Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Online Brand Protection Services, Online Reputation Management, among others.


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